Promo Pic of
Promotional pic for "Sonic Boom". And Knuckles must've done some steroids to look like *that*.
So there's a new Sonic TV show coming fall next year!
So far all we got is the promo pic above, but it still seems promising. Also, it seems Knuckles must've taken a metric ton of steroids to look the way he does here. (Or is it Knuckles? I kinda doubt Knuckles will look this way in the series.
The show's working title is Sonic Boom. It's gonna be on Cartoon Network (woo) and will be not only the first CG animated series, but the first actual comedy since Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Sure, Sonic SatAM, Sonic Underground, and Sonic X had its share of laughs, but AoStH and (possibly) this show are/will be primarily comedy.
I actually found out about this on the Sonic News Network (a Sonic wiki) while looking at the "Cartoons" section, but still I'm glad there's gonna be another Sonic TV show.
Fingers crossed, here's hoping it doesn't suck.

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