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  • More darker atmosphere
  • Awesome story so far
  • Tails and Knuckles are involved
  • Really continues in the place of Sonic SatAM
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Long Review

June 23, 1991: Sega releases a game about a blue hedgehog that could-- wait; what am I saying?!; can travel faster than the speed of sound. His name? Sonic. Fast forward to 1993; more specifically, September 18. In conjunction with DiC Entertainment (now known as Cookie Jar) and network television station ABC, they released a TV series of the same name. However, with DiC being the kind of people adding more anthropomorphic animals to a children's show, they added a few (and by "few", I mean "many") more characters besides the familiar Sonic, his sidekick/friend Miles "Tails" Prower (a two-tailed fox with a bright mind; his two tails can be especially used for flying), and Dr. Ivo Julian "Eggman" Robotnik. Sonic, Tails, Princess Sally Acorn, Bunnie Rabbot, Rotor Walrus, and many many more join together as a group of Freedom Fighters living in a hidden base in the Great Forest of Mobius called Knothole. I could go on forever talking about this show (by the way, the TV show was dubbed "SatAM" by its fanbase due to new episodes airing on Saturday mornings and you can find more info here), but lemme get to the main point.

After two seasons and 26 episodes, the series ended on December 3, 1994 with a big cliffhanger. Snively (Robotnik's assistant/nephew) came out of some rubble from his (defeated) uncle's newest plan, wearing some new threads, threatening to take over the evil doctor's reign and (worse) being with an unknown accomplise. The cliffhanger was definitely disappointing to the fans of the show, so basically, the rest of the series were in their hands. My personal favorite continuation is a fan comic worth calling a third season; Sea3on. (Currently, the first four chapters are currently completed and available for downloading in PDF format at the time of this review.)

Main Points with Sea3on


During the first season, Tails made cameo appearances. During the second season, he was (in some ways, namely the episode "Drood Henge") more involved in the Knothole Freedom Fighters's plans. In the third season, he was meant to be a regular character. ....That was before ABC pulled the plug. However, Sea3on finally gave Tails the chance to be a regular character with regular appearances in each chapter. Even though he is younger than the other Freedom Fighters, nonetheless he idolizes Sonic (more than likely a SEGA thing and/or a holdover from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, another series that began before SatAM did) and does what he can to be like him.

Caution: Familiar Echidna is in Sea3on!

Many people know that familiar echidna in Sonic 3, Knuckles. Well, guess what? He's in Sea3on. I'm not gonna say where; I'm just gonna say he is.

More Darker Atmosphere (say that in an incredibly epic voice)

The most noticable thing about SatAM (and, personally, one of the many many MANY reasons I loved it) was its dark atmosphere. The only reason it's a family show is that it doesn't have too dark an atmosphere as well as some added light humor. Sea3on adds to that atmosphere, practically one-upping DiC and SEGA (and way more than likely Archie Comics).

The Return of the DiC Characters

Sonic SatAM had a lot of great characters, whether it was Princess Sally Acorn (the rightful heir to the throne whose father was sucked into "The Void"; read more at Saturday Morning Sonic), Bunnie Rabbot (another Freedom Fighter whose left arm and legs are roboticized), Antoine D'Coolette (he can be scared pretty easily), Sir Charles Hedgehog (Sonic's uncle, close friend of the King, and -- as far as we know -- the only completely roboticized person with free will), and many more.

More Notes

Besides the obvious return of familiar faces, the introduction of Knuckles, Tails becoming more involved in missions, and much much much much MUCH more, Sea3on has some mini-episode-like comics (called "shorts"), chapter updates by page (usually every Monday), and it's more than likely gonna have an animated version sometime this year. (I'm actually springing for the voice of Tails, mainly cause my voice still hasn't hit puberty yet. Crazy right? I'm 15 and I still have a high voice!)


The fastest thing alive on TV makes a fanmade webcomic return for what should be considered the third season to (arguably) the greatest (and yet most short-lived) Sonic the Hedgehog TV series. Introducing a darker atmosphere, familiar faces, Knuckles the Echidna himself, and a lot of other great things; this takes the great Sonic SatAM TV show and basically three-ups the whole game. Basically, it's "way past cool"!

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